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Many articles and studies support the concept that happy customers lead to higher profits. But how do happy employees produce happy customers?

Happy employees are a result of a positive workplace culture. Creating and promoting a positive workplace culture will create happier, purpose driven employees which will lead to happy customers ultimately resulting in higher profits and more meaningful lives.  



How does happiness transfer between people?


We must first look to quantum physics, to find our answer. Nothing is solid or material in our universe, but everything is energy. What does physics have to do with happiness? Well because everything is energy, this means you are energy, your employees are energy, and your cu

stomers are energy. 


Everything that is energy is identified with two properties – frequency and amplitude. Frequency is the measurement of how fast energy moves. Amplitude is the measure of how big waves are. Together, these properties define the amount of power contained in a stream of energy.


The next step in discovering how happiness transfers between people is to understand emotional frequencies. We often feel a person's energy [good or bad]. People who appear to be afraid or in mourning transmit a lower vibration of emotional frequencies, while people who appear at ease and content transmit a higher vibration. Below is a table showing the range of human emotions and their corresponding frequencies.




Life Experience
























Getting By










Apathy 50
Guilt 30
Shame 20


A basic law of Newtonian Physics states that signals at higher frequencies contain more power than signals at lower frequencies. Human beings act as antennas for the transmission and reception of these frequencies. Evidence that we transmit our emotional state through energy was first photographed by Semyon Kirlian, in 1939, with a technique called Kirlian photography. 


You receive energy from others, so you have no doubt, experienced receiving emotions from other people. Think about the last memorial service you attended. No matter your relationship with the deceased, your mood was most likely a somber, mournful one. In contrast, think about the last celebration you attended; regardless of your mood before, the joy and happiness of the guests was contagious and transferred to you. 


Why do we feel sad at a memorial and joy at celebrations? Because our emotional state is affected by the people around us. This is how happiness transfers between people. We are all continuously transmitting our emotional state at the amplitude that we feel it. Other people around us are doing the same. Similarly, we are all receiving other people’s emotional states, which can affect us. The signal with the most power dominates the environment.


Listen to Shereen H. Eltobgy discuss how to cultivate HQ [Happiness Quotient] on the DH Podcast. 




How can we use this phenomenon?


The person [or persons] radiating the most energy will dominate the environment. Suppose you have a small store, with 3 or 4 employees. They are all happy, joyful, filled with inner peace and gratitude. That is the energy that dominants your store. When Mr. Grumpy walks in the door, his lower frequency energy will meet the shop’s higher frequency, high amplitude energy, and one of two things will happen.


1.The first possibility, Mr. Grumpy, will turn around and leave the shop. He does not want his negative emotional state to change. Therefore, he must leave your positive environment.

2.The other possible result is Mr. Grumpy’s negative energy will be overcome by your shop’s positive energy. He will feel better, happier, more willing to interact and share, and more willing to spend money.

He will leave your store, feeling better than when he came in. This new emotional state will form an association between feeling good and your store. This connection will bring Mr. Grumpy back to your store again and again. This is the connection you want all of your customers to form with your business.   


Are your employees happy? Do your customers associate joy with your business? DH offers virtual and on-site solutions to help create a happier workplace culture your employees and customers will thrive in. 

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