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As time goes on, the market, jobs, companies, and technologies change. And when you have an engaged workforce, Gallup research shows that your employees are 45% more adaptable to change. Even an organization like DH has to be fluid like water [CV #9] to adjust to the needs of fans, clients, and our teams. See what changes we’re getting ready for and how we are creating culture champions around the globe:

Upcoming Event Alert!

Before we get to what we've done, let's get to where we are going! Meet us at Evolution 2018 on October 2nd to learn how to create a sustainable, happier, and more profitable business. Our Culture Chief Sunny Grosso will be there to deliver a keynote address and breakout session for attendees. The conference is meant for future leaders who understand how important customer service is to their organization. Are you one of those leaders? Join us in October!

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All in for our Virtual All Hands Meeting

Jenn Lim Delivering Happiness Make Happy WorkTo keep our own company culture connected and strong, we have two All Hands Meetings a year – one in-person and one virtually. This month, we held our virtual meeting over the course of three days. For a few hours each day we established alignment on our biggest initiatives as an organization and assigned support where needed.

As the culture and happiness space continues to grow, we make sure we’re ready to address and adapt to the needs of our clients. Some exciting projects include our upcoming podcast, new website, and e-course offering. We cannot WAIT to share it all with you!


Creating Culture Foundations in Mexico City

At EmpleosTI, coachsultant and Culture Chief Sunny delivering a keynote address and held a workshop for the tech conference’s attendees about creating a sustainable, profitable culture for employee happiness. This fun workshop helped participants understand how to lay the foundation for their organizational culture and how our happiness model plays a part in it.


Want us to speak and host a breakout session for your conference? Let us know at culture@deliveringhappiness.com


Inspiring Employee Happiness in Tokyo

Japanese work culture is known for innovation, dedication, and commitment. Yet on the flip side, employee burnout is a major concern for the future of the Japanese workplace. Culture change [or transformation] can alleviate the pressure of giving up a work-life balance for success. Over the weekend CEO Jenn spoke as a keynote speaker at Giveness International, where she emphasized that when an employer prioritizes their people over outputs, results like profits and productivity can sustainably flourish. Sunny and coachsultant Vero are also there to host a DH bootcamp! You can register here.

Other speakers included Martin Seligman [the “father” of positive psychology] and Kyle Maynard [the first quadruple amputee to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro].


Catching up on Culture with Century 21 Department Stores

Century 21 Department Stores Eddie Gindi Nancy Straface Delivering Happiness ShereenCentury 21’s higher purpose is “Delivering Value to Live Better” and they have a great team to lead their purpose and core values every day. Pictured is our senior coachsultant Shereen with co-founder and Executive Vice President Eddie Gindi and Chief HR Officer Nancy Straface.

We caught up with them in their NYC office to chat about C21’s culture transformation and future as a purpose-and-values driven organization. Stay tuned for some video on what they had to say!




Want to learn how to create an adaptable and sustainable culture of happiness? Learn more: 





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