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Delivering Happiness Newsletter Jenn Lim BNY Pershing Insite 2018

A Workplace Culture Bootcamp in Mumbai

delivering happiness mumbai happiitude bootcamp june 2018With the success of our last bootcamp with Happiitude, we came back to Mumbai for another to teach our happiness frameworks to more culture-curious leaders! The camp was booked with consultants, executives, HR leaders, and entrepreneurs gathered to

 learn how to lay the foundation of their cultures and implement them within their organizations.

On the first day, as with any program or camp, people were nervous but excited to delve into the science of happiness at work. When looking at organizational values, some were eager to share their personal values while others took more time to open up. By the last day, everyone was full of smiles, happy to share their thoughts/praises/insights, and felt ready to roll out their culture roadmap to their organizations. 

We hope to be a part of more bootcamps in Asia, so stay tuned for more announcements!


Getting “INSITE” with BNY Mellon Pershing

As a gathering of over 90 inspiring and thought-provoking speakers, our CEO Jenn took part in a panel called “Bliss and Innovation: It’s the Climb” alongside Square co-founder Jim Mckelvey.

Some highlights:Jenn lim quote happiness money

  • BNY Mellon’s Chief Information Officer, Ram Nagappan, started out the session by asking the audience, “what makes you happy?
  • The conversation was moderated by Pimm Fox from Bloomberg Radio
  • Jenn talks about the writing process for Delivering Happiness [the book], involving a cabin in Lake Tahoe, close deadlines, and getting into your genius flow
  • Jim explains how Square came out of a problem – avoiding the loss of sale for a small business
  • Pimm asks, “do you think money has made you happier? Is money a part of the checklist?”
  • Jenn answers, “if money doesn’t buy you true happiness, then you’re not spending it the right way.”

For more, you can listen and watch the panel for free.


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