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5 Easy Steps to Create a Well-Being Strategy to Support Your Team

Well-being programs give your employees the tools they need to achieve a better quality of life, both inside and outside the office. With a...

What it Means to Put Culture First [from a business owner]


When a group of people work together to achieve a common goal and when their personal values are in alignment with the organization's, that's...

Is Your Company Experiencing Signs of an Unproductive Culture? [FREE WEBINAR]


A hot cup of coffee.

Chopin's best tunes streaming through your speakers.

Q1 goals in front of you.

2020 is here.


However, business is...

Mindfulness and Its Impact on Happiness

I want to discuss the second component of a happy life with you – mindfulness. Put simply, it’s a state of mind where the only focus is the...

Is Your Workplace Set Up to Make You Unhappy? Three Signs to Look For!

Not everyone is a happy camper at work, but what if you could be happier? Unintentionally, most workplaces are structured in a way that tampers...

Are You Dreading Monday, Again? Can I Ask You Two Questions?

Several years ago, I was working in a position that sucked the life right out of me! I was miserable and dreaded Monday so bad that if it had been...

What Creates Workplace Happiness? Nine Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

“Happiness is a precursor to success” – Shawn Achor founder and CEO of Good Think, Inc.


Your people are the most important asset you have. It...

What Does it Mean to Have a WOW Culture? See What it Takes!

Culture is a system of shared knowledge, beliefs, procedures, attitudes and artifacts that exists among a group of humans. This occurs in...

7 Unique Anti-Stress Benefits to Offer Employees

An estimated 40 percent of American professionals describe their jobs as stressful, and another 25 percent rank their careers as the “number one...


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