Happiness Now | 2018 Brings New Partnerships + New Opportunities

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As our team settles back into our work after the holidays, we thought it would be a perfect time to share some wonderful news with you. From a new partnership to new opportunities, 2018 has already been full of promise and purpose. We're ready to keep steady on our goal to Make Happy Work™ for more organizations around the globe!


“Those who centered their businesses on a culture of improving people’s lives had a growth rate triple that of competitors in their categories.”

— Jim Stengel, from his latest book “Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit


Delivering Happiness Through Our Partnership with The Fun Dept.

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2018 is our year of seeking great partnerships and embarking on global initiatives, and we’re so excited to kick it off with The Fun Dept. We hope to leverage our combined strengths to deliver a fuller client experience from end-to-end.

By applying the science of happiness and our methodology for core values and purpose to our clients, we also set the foundation for The Fun Dept. to train staff and bring those values to life. As the workplace movement towards happiness and well-being continues to grow, partnerships with organizations like ours with The Fun Dept. become essential to respond to the increasing need for sustainable workplace cultures.


Read more about it from our CEO Jenn Lim and Nick Gianoulis, CEO of The Fun Dept.



Culture over Coffee at the Battery

San Francisco and Battery members, we are so happy to say our event “Building a Culture for Happiness and Positive ROI” is completely sold out. In this morning session, we’ll be sipping coffee with entrepreneurs, teams, and executives while sharing our insights on how to define and work towards their ideal company cultures. This session will discuss the happiness model, guide attendees through the first step in culture development, and allow an opportunity to network with other culture-curious leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area. Join us next time!  



Upcoming in the DH World: an ATP Panel Event on Culture, Recruiting, and Retention

With Georgia’s unemployment rate at just 2.4% within the technology industry, local companies have to find unique ways to attract and keep their top talent. As the workplace transforms to be more focused on employee and customer happiness, companies are looking for guidance on how to build strong company cultures to remain competitive. We are so excited to have our own Coachsultant Shereen Eltobgy be a part of this event as a moderator, navigating insights and conversation amongst top Atlanta business leaders.


"Great leaders create great cultures where people thrive & flourish. Three key attributes of a high impact leader are: Presence, Positive Intention, Personal Responsibility. Leading from that place cultivates greatness in others. "

— Shereen Eltobgy, DH Coachsultant


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Shereen has led business development teams and initiatives for over 15 years in top software companies and global leadership and human performance development firms. Since joining DH, she has been on the leadership team, speaking around the world on the benefits of happiness and culture in the workplace and cultivating partnerships with like-minded organizations.


Read more of Shereen’s insights in “3 Leadership Attributes that Create Great Organizational Culture.





Do you have an event coming up or a special culture talk? Reach out to our team to be connected with our coachsultants, keynote speakers, workshop leaders and more:




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