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Hi Culture Friends! We've been prepping to zoom around the world, and have some exciting things to share! Also, did you know that International Happiness Day is coming up? Celebrate with us at either the World Happiness Festival or share your #HappinessHabits with us on social media.

We'd love to hear from you! Keep reading to see what's going on in our world [maybe we'll be near you soon]:   

Driving Happy Customer Experiences

Who doesn’t love Las Vegas? Celebrating its 34th year, the International Luxury Coach and Transportation Show met as the biggest convention in the world for the luxury charter transportation industry. With an industry so focused on delivering WOW client experiences, CEO Jenn was the perfect match better to deliver a keynote on employee culture, happiness, and customer service. 

Guess who was also there – coachsultant Shereen Eltobgy! She hosted a breakout coaching session on how operators in the industry can engage both the customers and drivers in creating memorable experiences.



Coming up in our World: 

  • Don't forget, International Happiness Day is March 20th! Keep an eye out of us on social media so you can share your #HappinessHabits with us. How do you regularly create a bit of happiness in your world? Find us on Instagram and Twitter at @dhmovement, and click here for Facebook and Linkedin
  • Some more upcoming events below...


Celebrating at the World Happiness Festival

On Saturday, March 17th, coachsultant Sunny will be delivering a keynote at the World Happiness Festival in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Her keynote, “Creating Happier Cultures at Work,” will explore the science of happiness and how workplace culture has a place in driving customer and employee engagement. While you’re at the festival, take some time to delve into the activities, sessions, and talks with other thought leaders in the happiness space. Join us in bringing more happiness into the world!

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Workplace Happiness in the Netherlands

As more and more employees are looking for workplaces that are engaging and purposeful, how can you position your organization as one of their top contenders? And, how can you create a better environment where your employees want to stay around longer?

CEO Jenn is in the Netherlands this week to deliver a small-session talk and a keynote on how to apply happiness to the workplace. Alongside Conchita Lopez Vega, founder of WOWmundo, Jenn will be meeting with business leaders and organizations in the region who want to start creating sustainable workplace cultures for their employees. Let’s nudge the world towards a happier place ;]


Re-Engineering Human Resources

Cleveland SHRM is hosting the Northern Ohio Human Resources Conference, where their focus this year is to look at how to re-engineer human resources. Featuring CEO Jenn as one of their keynote speakers, the organization is bringing together professionals, experts, and thinkers in the HR space to align with ways to manage HR as it continues to evolve. Jenn will be speaking about how to “Make Happy Work,” in today’s organizational culture landscape. Join us if you’re in town!



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