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How To Be Happy, When Your Emotions Swing Back and Forth [Part 2]

In this post, we present part 2 of our research on the pendulum theory. Even though it is impossible to stop your emotions from swinging back and...

10 Steps to Creating Core Values That Your Company Lives By [INFOGRAPHIC]

Imagine if you came into work today and the negative norms of office culture were nearly eliminated: workplace politics, gossiping, toxic...

How To Be Happy, When Your Emotions Swing Back and Forth [Part 1]

Happiness is hard to maintain especially when your life's circumstances keep changing. It can be incredibly frustrating when you're trying...

4 Ways You Can Live a More Intentional Year

Every new year begins the same for a lot of people: the creation of new goals attempts to start new habits, and some early successes. By day 30...

Can You Measure Culture the Wrong Way? Yes, Here's How:

Over the last few years, “company culture” has become buzz lingo when mostly talking about scandals, pervasive harassment, and toxic leadership....

Move Over IQ & EQ, How the Science of Happiness is the Next Evolution

In today’s high-velocity, time-crunched world, the ability to be resilient, reduce stress and maintain a positive mindset is no longer an option.  

4 Signs You Should Invest in Employee Happiness

Happiness as a business concept might be difficult to pinpoint in terms of return on investment (ROI). For some, the idea is too abstract to...

How to Solve for Chronic Unhappiness: the Four C's


In our previous post, we explored the differences between happiness and pleasure, and why it matters at work. We learned about the role of...

Happiness vs. Pleasure and Why it Matters at Work

To understand how individual happiness and pleasure impact collective culture and purpose, we must first answer a few big questions:


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