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For this Happiness Now publication, we wanted to highlight our recent collaboration with Happiitude in Mumbai. From December 14-16, our Coachsultants Sunny Grosso and Veronica Mesias led a 3-day workplace culture bootcamp, and it was packed full of experiential learning, road-mapping, and practices in happiness and culture. Similarly, we can host a masterclass for your organization.

So what kind of training did the bootcamp consist of? Let’s take a look!

Day 1: The Foundations of Happiness – Our team, alongside Happiitude, guided attendees through exercises that explored the role of values and purpose in their culture re-branding. By creating a draft of their organization’s higher purpose, we were able to lay the foundation for the next two days of application and design.



Day 2: Intertwining Purpose With Values by Applying the Science of Happiness – Our coaches reviewed cases of successful company cultures, examined their essential elements, and helped participants formulate a culture action plan. By applying the critical factors of the science of happiness, participants could better align their vision to observed behaviors within their organizational structures.


Day 3: Designing the Culture Roadmap – By developing a culture roadmap, participants were able to design an actionable plan for creating a sustainable workplace culture that could engage and motivate their employees.  Our coaches led the way in pinpointing how culture can support business needs and create an inventory of initiatives to tie them together.  Lastly, our team was able to compare changes in workplace culture and how it can affect the bottom line.


In 2013, Gallup estimated that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year.


How can you combat this loss and its effects on your business? Examine your organization and create a practical roadmap towards an engaging and profitable workplace culture. Instead of just working on communication , we analyzed how we can adjust the working environment and culture to improve happiness, efficiency, and to reduce turnover and burnout. We’re excited about our future ventures in India, and seeing what results and data come from these amazing teams!


Want us to host a masterclass or bootcamp for your organization? Talk to us about your workplace culture and teams, and we can create a format that works for you. 


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