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October has been full of great encounters with people who want to create happier, profitable workplace cultures and more meaningful lives. We wanted to share some direct feedback [or feedforward as we’d like to call it] from the community:


Highlights from this month’s keynotes:


Jenn and our coaches went all over the place to speak to audiences who were hungry to learn more about how they can bring more happiness into their workplaces. See what they've said








A client you should know – meet Woko Loco!


Woko Loco is a health-conscious, affordable fast-casual restaurant opening up in Austin, TX. They’re set to open in about a month! They’re serving up Asian-inspired noodle, rice, and salad boxes using fresh ingredients, cool options like zucchini noodles, and delicious sauces.


Woko Loco went through a DH Masterclass to lay down the foundation of their culture and create their culture roadmap so that they could start their business with the right people.


Do you know anyone in Austin? Well they’re hiring! So reach out and let them know you’re ready to be a part of their awesome culture.



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Big news too! We just released our new ROI Calculator tool. Use it to see how much more profitable your business can be with a happier culture




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