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Delivering Happiness Model Frameworks Profitable Engaged Culture

Hi Culture Friends!

What's going on in our world? Plenty of things - some of which you can be a part of! Take a peek at our latest testimonial, join us for a bootcamp, and read some insights from our coachsultants.  


Kind Words and Proven Results from Canpa

Just how did Canpa's Vice President use the DH Model to turn the company around for better retention, increased engagement,  higher profits, and expansion? Watch below: 




Learn more about Canpa's culture transformation by downloading our case study!



Workplace Happiness in Mumbai

Have you heard about our next bootcamp? Joining forces once again with Happiitude, our DH coaches are prepping to lead a 3-day workplace happiness bootcamp in Mumbai! Our last bootcamp was completely sold-out, and we received some exciting feedback from our attendees. So we’re excited for our coaches Sunny and Vero to come back for a second round to help more business owners, professionals, and executives create their roadmap for a profitable and sustainable culture. Join us, or send a friend our way!


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Snacking on Culture with Corporate Essentials

When you work in an office, what two things do you need to physically fuel your teams? Most likely, it’s snacks and coffee. What about intrinsically? At DH, we say it’s culture.

We’re so glad to have been part of an event that combined both good food and great chats about culture – Corporate Essentials’ The Culture Project 2018! Our CEO Jenn went to New York City to deliver a keynote on employee engagement, creating the foundations for a strong company culture, and our DH model for their guests. The snack-and-culture-loving audience included HR professionals and executives from Corporate Essentials’ network of clients and partners.


Do you have an event where you’d like to have Jenn come and speak? Let us know!



Bringing our Coachsultants Together

So it’s no secret that we work remotely, but with how close our team is, you really can’t tell! A way to keep a remote work culture alive is to meet in-person once in a while. We use our yearly all-hands meeting as a way to get everyone together, but we also have a few occasions pop up when other teams meet – like our team of amazing coachsultants!

coaches pic

Our coaches just finished spending a few days together in Bilboa, Spain to strategize and come up with ways to better WOW our clients and each other. We’re excited to see what more great ideas will come to fruition from our beloved team!


Some awesome thoughts and writing from our coaches:



Your workplace culture has the potential to be profitable, happy, and sustainable. Check to see where it's at, and how you can improve it: 


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