Why Happiness is the Key to an Awesome Office.

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Our very own Delivering Happiness CHO Jenn Lim recently appeared on the Awesome Office show, a podcast about leadership, engagement, and culture. In the episode, AO host Sean Kelly caught up with Jenn on a Hawaiian “workcation” to discuss how happiness not only helps create amazing work cultures, but actually drives business results.

Jenn opens up in this interview, talking about how her experience as a first generation American informed her initial conceptions of happiness and success, as well as how those concepts  evolved overtime. She also talked about the principles of positive psychology that form the basis of Delivering Happiness.

Give the episode a listen here: http://awesomeoffice.org/blog/jenn-lim-delivering-happiness-ceo/

The Awesome Office show is hosted by SnackNation founder and CEO Sean Kelly. Their mission is to help their listeners become better leaders and create irresistible company cultures.

Key Takeaways

  • Jenn takes us through DH’s happiness framework, and explains the difference between pleasure, passion, and purpose – as well as why a sense of purpose has the highest likelihood of creating sustainable happiness. 5:33
  • Jenn walks us through her childhood, and explains how her experience as a first generation American shaped her perspective on what “success” and “happiness” mean, as well as how those constructs changed over time. 8:53
  • Jenn describes one of the lowest moments of her life, and explains how this experience inspired her to focus more on discovering her own life’s purpose. 13:37
  • Jenn describes the life-changing events that led her to focus on positive psychology and the science of happiness. 21:22
  • Jenn tells us about her introduction to Zappos, and the not-so-great first impression that CEO Tony Hsieh left on her. 22:25
  • Jenn describes how her working relationship with Tony flourished, and tells us about the bonds that forged between them while scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro. 24:13
  • Jenn walks us through the number one business case for workplace happiness, and lays out a strategy for creating values that actually mean something. 26:55
  • Jenn tells us the story behind Zappos’ famous culture book, and how she brought the project from idea to launch.
  • Jenn shares a formerly-held belief about happiness that has since changed.  40:00
  • Jenn describes how the world of work will be different ten years from now. 46:12

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