Why "Strength in Numbers" is More Than a Slogan

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(Photograph from an article by Rusty Simmons, SF Gate)


"It became very obvious that ‘Strength in Numbers’ was way more than a marketing slogan for us. It was more of a cultural philosophy, defining who we are on the court and off the court."- Kenny Lauer, Golden State Warriors Vice President, Marketing and Digital

The Golden State Warriors demonstrate why their slogan 'Strength in Numbers' establishes more than a marketing lexicon. It defines their culture philosophy.

Together, the team agrees upon off-court practices like frequent team lunches, carpooling, and even 'players-only' group texting for open, honest dialogue. People find these practices in closely-knit high school teams, not a professional basketball team.


Even in defeat, the Warriors' culture shined by players owning up to their mistakes and not playing the blame game [e.g., Draymond Green took the blame for losing the championship because of getting suspended for a game]. The success of 'Strength in Numbers' has shown the world that deliberate defining and practice of culture also belongs in the sporting world.


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Lotus Wong is a Creative Facilitator, Experience Designer, and Culture Consultant. With a passionate curiosity for transformation, Lotus is committed to co-creating the conditions for people to come into wholeness, expand their capacities, and bring their wildest visions to life. In 2014, Kelsey joined the "happiness bus" at DH and has since sat on nearly every seat in the bus. From marketing to community building to culture consulting, it's been a wild ride! These days, Lotus consults with DH and the innovation company, DSIL Global. When she's not supporting leaders and organizations, Lotus spends her time writing, world-traveling, and floating in the sea.


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