8 Ways to Create an Amazing Onboarding Experience For Your New Hires

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Onboarding can be an intimidating experience for your new employees! There is a lot to learn in a very short time.  You definitely want your new hires to stick through onboarding and stay for the long term. In fact, a recent study has indicated that 25% of new employees leave within the first year! This can cost organizations anywhere between 16% and 213% of the lost employee's salary. The key here is the onboarding process.  Here are eight ways to elevate your employee onboarding experience: 

1. Show You Care


Many employers are now looking to go the extra mile when onboarding new hires - why?  Your employees need to know that they are wanted and cared for in this new environment. Simple gestures such as a friendly welcome email with some helpful tips about where to find things are a great way to show your interest in new employees. Some workplaces choose to have a team-lunch to welcome new employees, whether it’s a cafeteria meetup or going out to a restaurant. This is a brilliant way to show the employee that you are willing to make time for them and also appreciate them.


On the first day, how are you showing your employees you care?


2. Cultural Care


Make sure there is a designated cultural coordination officer, or something similar, in the workplace. This person would deal with all queries relating to workplace culture. With the world and workplace being highly multicultural, it is important to foster intercultural competence among employees. Intercultural competence allows employees to become culturally adjusted and communicate more effectively with one another. Not only does this foster new relationships in the workplace, but it also helps boost productivity and reduce stress - benefiting both your employees and the company.


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3. Promote Health & Wellness


A fit and healthy employee is going to be a more hard-working employee. What's more, this also means fewer sick days!  Promoting exercise and physical activity at work can be encouraged with simple steps, such as posters around the workplace or daily competitions. Some workplaces have used pedometers to track steps. With rewards for employees who are consistently meeting their step targets! 


If you want to be productive at the same time, some companies have even introduced short walking meetings to kill two birds with one stone. This allows both your new and old employees to get exercise and remain focused on work at the same time!


4. Automate the Process


Consider using technology to speed up the onboarding process. This saves the employee time, and they will be grateful for the simple and easy onboarding process. Automating the process also allows onboarding training documents to be stored online – so your new employee can easily access them whenever they need to. 


5. Paint the Big Picture


Make your employees aware from the start of what your vision is for them within the organization. Communicate with your employees to learn where they see themselves within the company. This is particularly important when you’re working with them to produce personalized development plans. Make sure they ask questions and give them contact details so that whenever questions about the company or their development within the company do arise, they know where to go to ask them. On a larger scale, help them to understand their team's roadmap or strategy to help them grasp the team's priorities.


6. Help Them Communicate


All workplaces have specific lingo and acronyms that a recruit may not understand until more time is spent at work. Consider providing a list of this terminology which will help them to fit in right from the outset and feel less isolated!


7. Prepare Your Team


This experience doesn't just affect your new employee and yourself. Your team will also be working closely with the recruit. So, it’s essential that your existing employees know how to welcome their newest members to the workplace. Your new hire needs to feel at home in the workplace, and what better way to do this than having their new family welcome them? Here are some activities you can start with: 

  • A company-wide welcome email introducing them to their new work family
  • Providing them with a mentor
  • Decorate the office with welcome signs, balloons, and flowers
  • A fun team-building activity like mini-golf, bowling, or games night. This allows everyone to get involved and helps your team and the new employee to get to know each other

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8. Timing


Don't hire your new employee before their abilities are needed. This will leave their first impression as one where they aren't needed in the workplace. Instead, get them right amongst the work and in the thick of it. Make sure someone in authority, such as a manager, is always around to guide them and answer questions. 


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