A Peek at Who & Where We Delivered Happiness | August 2019

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There are two kinds of organizations when it comes to culture - ones that create it by design and ones that let it take on a life of its own [by default]. For good or bad, organizations are heavily influenced by the cultures they create. This month we've been able to work with companies who decided to prioritize their people strategy and have already seen great results. Check out who we've delivered happiness to and where we're going next!


Where we've been:


Rolling Out BI Group's Culture Strategy

For the last several months our team of DH coach|sultants have been working with BI Group on establishing a strong foundation for their company culture by co-creating their roll-out program and strategy. By training their culture teams on how to sustain and grow their people's happiness at work, we're able to connect a sense of ownership and accountability for their culture from the bottom-up and top-down. That's how you create a successful people strategy! See a reel of some favorite moments: 




Refreshing Values with with Sallie Mae

Our team has been working with Sallie Mae to refresh their company values in a way that brings them to life in their workplace culture. What does that entail? It involves defining values, aligning them with those of the employees', and linking specific behaviors that people can follow in their everyday life. You can read more about how to create values that scale from our CEO Jenn Lim's Inc.com post!



Webinar-ing about Toxic Cultures

In August, we wanted to focus on the WHY behind toxic organizational cultures. So we put on a webinar with coach|sultants Ron Mandel and Kelsey Lotus Wong to address your questions and give some expert insights on how you can prevent the beginnings of toxic behaviors in the workplace. A negative work environment is a culmination of behaviors and norms that keep people from flourishing. Access the webinar to learn more about how you can root the potential for toxicity out of your company culture:



Bringing Core Values to Life at Lexis Nexis


With Lexis Nexis, we helped their culture team evolve their list of values through values voting - not digitally but in-person on posters! Why? Because bringing values to life in a visual way brings together team buy-in, emotional connection, and a personal take on values interpretation. What's a result from all of this culture work? Their e-NPS has gone up 25% since working with us! We can't wait to hear more great results from our work together. 


sunny grosso delivering happiness lexis nexis workshop

"Amazingly, there were some folks here from our FIRST Masterclass visit with them, and they noticed the growth in one exercise that we repeated about connectedness. They told me how everyone seemed so much more open, more themselves."

- Sunny Grosso, DH Culture Chief



What's coming up next month?


A Special Announcement at DMG's Conference

Our team worked with DMG on developing their culture roll-out strategy, and since then, they've been named a Middle East Top Employer! Next month our team will join them in Cairo for a special conference, an event meant to celebrate and show leaders across Egypt that happiness can be created in the workplace. Stay tuned for more details and a special announcement from our team!


Masterclass with Rock Solid Supply

What does happiness have to do with stone, quartz, and granite design? A lot when you think about the people who are behind the business! As Rock Solid Supply continues to grow as a leader in their market, it's a great time to see how the company can best scale with employee engagement and company culture in mind. We can't wait to see how our Masterclass brings the organization's employees together!


Speaking to Wyndham Hotel Group

Our co-founder Jenn Lim is heading to Las Vegas to speak to leadership of Wyndham Hotel Group on how to deliver happiness and WOW experiences to their customers and employees. In the hospitality business, more than many other industries, your company culture is on display almost 24/7 through the interactions of your employees. To create memorable experiences, you have to start with the individual - and that's what Jenn is excited to speak more on!


Recognizing More Connectedness to TCU

A focus on a culture of connections is what Texas Christian University is emphasizing at their keynote event with Jenn. Bringing the campus experience full-circle through the eyes of students, faculty, and staff is a way to build a university culture that is positive and deeply rooted into the campus identity. Using tenets from the Science of Happiness, Jenn will be introducing TCU staff to ways they can continue building a thriving, happier culture. 



Do you have an event coming up where you'd like our team to come for a keynote or Masterclass?







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