Create A Kindness Budget At Work

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Does your company have a kindness budget?

I met this week with Ole Kassow whose Danish company ( works with companies to create happier cultures. One example was working with a Danish mobile phone company. Most European mobile phone companies have customer turnover rates of over 40%. Yes, they lose 4 in 10 customers each year and have to spend millions winning over new customers to replace them. Ole was working with them to focus on spending some of that money on making their customers want to stay and recommend the service to others. I liked this story he told:

Call Me, the mobile phone company, has started working with Random Acts of Kindness. It's really exciting to work with, and really powerful. One story I was told was of Bitten, from Call Me’s customer service department, who had been helping a customer reduce her bills. This customer uses all her savings to fight for better animal welfare, so it's important to her that her mobile phone bill doesn't exceed her budgeted amount. (read full post  on our dh@work site)

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