Moving From Burnout To Inspiration

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Burned out or stressed at work? Life/work coach and DH guest blogger Amy Frost has a tip that can help.

I recently lead a workshop for non-profit professionals on Moving from Burnout to Inspiration. These dedicated people are intensely passionate about their work and give so much that they can become burned out.  I expected a few people to come.  We ended up with over forty people who quickly realized that in their herculean efforts to do good in the world, they were hurting themselves. They all were seeking tools to help them live more in balance.

I worked them through exercises that covered living their values, self care, and leading a balanced life. I saw tears of recognition and relief well up in their eyes. They realized they weren’t doing as well as they had thought. As author Anais Nin wrote, "When one is pretending, the entire body revolts."

Most people are in crisis. Being OVERWHELMED and STRESSED is the norm. I speak to and work with lots of groups and it is always the same. We know we should take care of ourselves, but we rarely do it. For our health and sanity, isn’t it time we made self care a priority? (read full post on our dh@work site and get Amy's tip for de-stressing)

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