Coaches’ Tips: Scaling and Adapting Leadership With Emotional Intelligence

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In today’s high-velocity, high stress, highly adaptive age, building resiliency, reducing stress, and having a positive mindset are absolutely necessary – they’re no longer an option for today’s leaders. Learn from Lead Coach|sultant Shereen Eltobgy on what questions today leaders are asking today to create a thriving, happier, and more adaptable organization:



EQ [Emotional Intelligence] are those attributes that allow us to motivate, inspire, and bring the best out of people. And as the name implies, it is a mastery of those emotional connections and skillsets.


I speak to leaders every day, and whether they’re leading large organizations or smaller teams, I am often asked the following questions:

  • What attributes should I be developing? 
  • What is needed for me to create teams and organizations where people thrive and flourish? 
  • What’s going to give me the next competitive edge, especially in this high-velocity adaptive age?

Impact, inspiration, and engagement are the three things that leaders should focus on creating and using as their strategy to lead successfully.


The next level beyond EQ is what I like to call HQ (Happiness Quotient). This is based on the Science of Happiness and models such as the DH Model. It is purpose-led, values-based, and driven by fundamentals from the Science of Happiness.


Think about it. The world is changing faster than ever and your biggest challenge is adapting in a way that is both profitable and purposeful. 


How are you and your teams going to build the emotional and energetic capacity to meet this adaptive age and win?


Discover how you can use these attributes to create a happier organization for happier employees and client experiences:




About the Author

Shereen Eltobgy

Shereen is passionate about people being free to be their true self and to realize their highest potential. She uses her expertise in the science of happiness & culture development to create high-performing, purpose-driven workplaces where individuals and organizations flourish.


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