Happiness Now | We’re Headed Back to Mumbai!

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Last December, we hosted a sold-out culture bootcamp with Happiitude in Mumbai – and we got to meet some amazing people! Business leaders across India, including the Minister of Happiness of Madhya Pradesh, went through a three-day experience to learn the fundamentals of the science of happiness and how to build their organization’s culture


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Here’s what one of our attendees had to say:

“Before attending the workshop, I was struggling to figure out how we can connect employees across geographies from different cultures to [a] new organization culture. The insight about aligning organization values with [personal] values was the answer to it. Now, we’re reflecting and rethinking the entire project to align organization core values throughout.

 -Arun G.


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Because of the success we had in Mumbai, we’re headed back! The team is ecstatic to be spreading the #dhmovement internationally, and we're happy to be welcomed with open arms. We hope you can join our coaches Sunny and Vero for some interactive and purpose-driven learning!


Delivering Happiness Formula Business Model 

Our Mumbai Bootcamp – June 7th-9th 

Mumbai happiitude delivering happiness bootcamp december 2017

We’re back to Mumbai for a second bootcamp, and we’re excited to bring more people through our experiential learning sessions on core values, purpose, and building a culture roadmap. As India’s businesses continue to grow and seek more innovation, productivity, and engagement, organizational culture will be a key in maintaining sustainability



In companies with misaligned cultures, 71 percent of employees were either passive or actively disengaged, and 75 percent of employees were likely to leave [Aon Hewitt].


Keeping employees engaged and creating alignment in your workplace culture begins with laying the foundation of your core values, developing a purpose to your organization, and creating an implementation plan for your culture rollout.


Take the next steps with us, and register for our Mumbai bootcamp!



If you can't make it to our bootcamp, we can host one for your organization. For either a specific team or for executive leadership, we can help you take the next steps towards a sustainable culture. 






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