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Keynote at Customer Experience Forum in Russia

Last month, we shared our message and findings on the science of happiness at Exposystems' 14th annual Customer Experience Forum in Moscow. With over 300 participants from all over Russia and Commonwealth countries attending, we were welcomed excitingly by business leaders, recognized customer service experts, and top management professionals.

 The forum’s purpose was to highlight viable business solutions for creating amazing customer experiences and building stronger foundations for customer loyalty. To detail “why” and “how” company culture matters for excellent service, DH coachsultant Sunny Grosso delivered a keynote address to speak on how happiness can be a sustainable and efficient business model in the customer service realm.

Russian organizations are ready to reframe culture and happiness.

During the keynote session, Sunny spoke about the need for companies to reframe their business models for long-term change. Some tricks and engagement programs can drive momentum for the short-term and small-scale effects, and result in little payoff. For more sustainable benefits and long-term profits, higher level management teams need to take a look at how work can serve a higher purpose for their employees. At Exposystems we were surrounded by organizational leaders who knew customer service was a priority but were unsure on how to integrate it into their company cultures. After Sunny's keynote session, our audience was able to better understand how the happiness business model could be an attainable structure to boost productivity in the workplace. Not only did it help our audience, but our talk at Exposystems shed some light on the growing need for us to localize ourselves in the Russian market. 

Now Delivering Happiness to the Russian market.

Delivering Happiness has coached organizations all over the world, and has even branched teams into other countries to be more region-specific. A prime example is Delivering Happiness Spain, which since launch in 2012, has been spreading happiness to the Spanish market through keynote and coaching opportunities. To respond similarly to the excitement from Russia, DH has expanded its regional expertise by bringing on Natasha Kotlyarova, our newest business development driver and coach.

Meet Natasha, a Moscow local and new addition to the DH team! 

Natasha Headshot.jpg

With years of business development, consulting, and operations experience, Natasha is ready to bring company culture and happiness to Russia. Like the rest of our team, Natasha shares our core values and lives our purpose of creating a happier world. Through her local expertise and experience in the Russian business world, Natasha is our key to helping more organizations across Russia. Since attending Sunny's keynote session at Exposystems, she has been connecting with Russian business leaders about our service opportunities.



If you would like us to deliver a keynote at your forum, conference, or event, we would love to hear from you! 

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