12 Employer Branding Tips to Attract Great Talent

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To help organizations with branding to target ideal candidates, we sought out advice from HR experts and marketing specialists. We have several suggestions to help you nurture a company brand that draws in the potential talent, from auditing your current hiring methods to taking company culture to social media. Here are 12 ways to engage talent through employer branding. 


1. Audit Your Hiring Methods


To make sure you have a strong employer brand to attract great talent, one thing to do is refine your hiring process. First, establish what you really want in a candidate and what kind of personality will fit into the company culture and the role. Once you have that down, make your hiring process as painless as possible. 


Having candidates go through four to five rounds of interviews is exhausting and might read like you're not sure what you want. Don't be afraid to look into executive search firms or staffing agencies. They can help you create the clear definition that you need for that strong brand. 

*Ryan Nouis, TruPath


2. Prioritize Authenticity Over Perfection


Employers often feel pressure to present a perfect image to attract the best candidates. But in reality, no business is perfect. Candidates value transparency. Furthermore, they are more likely to trust an employer that is open about aspects of the company that are a work in progress. 


Being open about how your firm is working to improve is essential. Share how you value employee input when making changes to keep things positive. Additionally, discuss current ways you are working to overcome challenges. Being open in this way can encourage candidates to reciprocate and feel less pressure to present a perfect persona to you. 

*Claire Routh, Markitors


3. Attract Positivity With Positivity 


At the end of the day, work is work, but a positive and pleasant environment teams enjoy can attract great talent to a brand and keep the current employees motivated and productive. Outdoor meetings, games, allowing music during work, social activities, and fun lunches all can contribute to positive and enjoyable work culture. 


People want to feel comfortable, relaxed and appreciated at work. If they do, you did a great job building a strong employer brand that will attract great talent in the future.

*Natalya Bucuy, LiveHelpNow


4. Take Company Culture to Social Media 


According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers use social media when conducting a job search. And, what could be more attractive to potential job seekers than content that shows just how much your team thoroughly enjoys being a part of your company? So, devote one day a week to social posts that reflect your company's culture. 


Spotlight employees are paired with quotes that express why they love what they do. Post pictures and videos of special company events. Or feature charity work or team-building activities. That way, when a candidate researches your company, they will discover what a great place your business is to work before they even step through the door.

*Jessica Wise, HelpSquad


5. Include Employees in Your Content


To attract great talent - you have to show you currently employ happy people! Show off your team with happy photos, brand videos, and recruitment videos. What do we recommend? Grab five happy employees and interview them. Talk about their success and happiness. Put this on your recruitment page!

*Trevor Rappleye, CorporateFilming.com


6. Listen to Candidates & Current Talent


When we first set out to build an employer brand, we wanted to ensure that our content was authentic and not over the top. We began by listening to the positive feedback we received from our employees and hearing why applicants were choosing us. 


After engaging many different people, we noticed a common theme that arose from these chats. From this research, we had our message. We also pursued external efforts to reinforce our message through culture awards that come from external bodies. Fast forward five years and 10+ company culture awards later, we are able to attract excellent quality people while others are working through the fallout of the great resignation.

*Steven Brown, DP Electric Inc


7. Define Who You Are


Building a solid employer brand starts with defining who you are. If you want to attract top talent, know the values you stand for and the unique culture you're aiming to build. Only then can you use different methods to convince the applicants that your company is a place for them. It's not just about career development opportunities or perks but also your company culture and how it resonates with people working for you. 


Showing personal stories or different initiatives is also a great way to attract talent. I remember a great example of employer branding from McGarrah Jessee. This advertising agency held a surprise welcome party for its 100th employee and posted it on YouTube. Such video storytelling helps to humanize your brand and make you more approachable as an employer. People remember you and smile, meaning that your employer's brand is in good shape.

*Dorota Lysienia, LiveCareer


8. Align With Social Justice


Brand your company as a social justice champion and consistently align yourself with social justice goals so that you can attract the right talent. More than ever, employees want to work for companies that hold the same values and are willing to fight for these values, even when their bottom line may suffer.

*Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs


9. Keep Track of Employee Reviews 


Talented individuals on the job hunt will usually check online company reviews to get a sense of what working at a particular company will be like. Because of this, you have to know what current and former employees are saying about your brand online and work towards any trouble spots that have been mentioned in these reviews. 


Reply to the positive feedback by thanking them for the glowing recommendation. Respond to negative feedback by honestly acknowledging the company's role in the problem and the steps you are willing to take to resolve the issue and be better. Prospective employees will note how you handle online employee reviews about your company, so do it right.

*Gregory Rozdeba, Dundas Life


10. Offer Great Benefits


One tip for building a strong employer brand and attracting great talent is to offer great employee benefits. Unlimited PTO, great health insurance, work-from-home setup stipends — all of these things help us attract great talent and build a strong employer brand. The goal is to have each employee say this is the best place they have ever worked, and we do everything we can to ensure that this is the case.

*Craig Carter, Jack Mason


11. Understand & Live Your Core Values


A critical aspect of building your employer brand is understanding your company's core values. Job seekers generally have a wealth of open positions with roughly the same job description to apply to. But your specific values are unique to your company, which makes them a clear way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Given a choice, people will most often choose to work for a company whose values align with their own.

*Tanya Gagnon, Miss Details


12. Highlight Employee Expertise


Make a point to display the expertise of the professionals connected with your company on your website. When job seekers see this, they'll be able to gauge what kind of talent meets the company's standards. 

*Ben Teicher, Healthy Directions

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