Embracing Equity: Celebrating International Women's Day

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As a child, my mother often told me, "life is not fair; get used to it." This was usually a response to a perceived injustice, like not having ice cream for dinner or having to clean up my mess by myself. Little did I truly understand her words were preparing me for a world that is unfair and lacks equity. 


Equity and equality are different concepts. Being equal means we are all the same [which, of course, we are not], while equity is about fairness and justice. Equity means recognizing everyone doesn't have the same starting point. Some are born into money, while others are born into poverty. Some are born in countries with great wealth and access, while others are not. Some grow up in nurturing, loving environments, while others are left alone without compassion or encouragement. In order to have a fair and just society for all, we need to acknowledge that we all start out in the world with different advantages and disadvantages. Knowing this, we must then make adjustments to balance the scales so that everyone can have an opportunity to play on an even field.  


This year's International Women's Day highlights this important topic using the theme Embrace Equity. Equity isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. In honor and celebration of Internal Women's Day, I asked the thoughtful, wise, and talented women of the DH One Global Team to share some insights, advice, and inspiration. 


Jenn Lim CEO & CoFounder DH Global


What advice would you give to this generation of female leaders? 


Ground yourself in purpose and values. No matter what happens in the world that we can't control, your purpose and values are the foundation to understanding how best to adapt.


Shereen H. Eltobgy, Culture & Happiness Orchestrator, DH Global 


Women thrive in a values-based, purpose-driven culture of respect, belonging, and support. Women flourish when they are empowered to bring their true selves to work and lead from their strengths. Women are powerful when they blend their emotional intelligence, heart-centered care, and empathy with their technical skills, mindful leadership qualities, and strategic vision. 


What strategies can we implement to promote belonging, equity, and inclusion in the workplace?


To truly promote this, it is imperative to have:

  1. True & meaningful connection [friendships].
  2. Core values that are lived and shared by all.
  3. Authentic positive communication that allows for compassion, curiosity, and understanding.

The successful company will have strategies as well as structures to support these three key elements. 


What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?


RELAAAX and be free to be your truest, happiest, healthiest self, free of negative beliefs and stories. Your freedom of heart, body, mind, and soul is the cornerstone to becoming your highest expression. That is how you succeed in the ways that mean the most to you. 


Who is a woman that inspires you, and you want to celebrate her? Why?


My mother passed away very suddenly in 2005 at a young age. She was the first woman to receive a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cairo in Egypt. She paved the way for me and thousands of women in the middle east to believe in themselves - that we can do and become anything we want and that we are as smart, capable, worthy, and as powerful as anyone. 


Monica Azofeifa, Business Partner, DH Costa Rica


What are the ways you stay grounded and take care of yourself? 


Always be self-aware, get to know yourself deeply, understand what's happening inside of you, and know your limits. You must have and respect your own nurturing and recharging space at least once a week. Your brain needs to disconnect completely in order to continue working with optimum results and to keep the whole system functioning at its best. 


Sunny Grosso, Culture Chief & Lead Coach|sultant DH Global


What advice would you give to this generation of female leaders?


Your values are a powerful guide to being your most true and vibrant self. Through the highs and lows, own who you are. Your magic, your gifts, your happiness lies here.


So have the courage to live them, walk them, talk them, work them! Be ready to fail. You will not please everyone. And be ready to shine beyond your wildest dreams.


Jennifer Mansel, Client Cultivator & Keynote Sales Manager, DH Global


Early on in my life, this quote inspired me and kept me moving forward.


"Remember to keep your heart and soul close to you and that you can always count on one person. That one person is you, and you will survive and grow stronger."


Who is a woman that inspires you, and you want to celebrate her? Why?


My mom! She never stopped, never wavered, and depended on herself to make a great life for her family. She taught me anything and everything is possible and to not wallow in self-pity but to always move forward. 


Gabriela Lizano, Founder & Managing Partner, DH Costa Rica 


What advice would you give to this generation of female leaders?


I will advise new female leaders to be authentic and true to you above everything. 


Masami Kataoka, Coach|sultant, DH Japan 


What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

Face your true aspirations with courage. If you go forward, the journey will lead you there.


What strategies can we implement to promote belonging, equity, and inclusion in the workplace?


I've been incorporating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in my training programs targeting executives and managers of male-dominated Japanese companies.

Last fall, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry [JCCI] held a conference to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The theme was the promotion of women in the workplace. I moderated a panel discussion and engaged in frank dialogue with the panelists. The audience included executives from small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. This was a huge success as the audience was engaged in the topic. 


María Eugenia Artiñano, Business Partner, DH Costa Rica 


What advice would you give your 25-year-old self? 


Never give up on your dreams. Just make sure they are YOUR dreams! 


Jessica Lozada, Business Development Lead, DH Global 


What factors do you believe impact women's ability to be successful in the workplace? 


Psychological safety in the workplace allows women to speak up and set healthy boundaries so they succeed in the many roles and hats they choose. 


How can we push for systemic change around ideas that are new or not that popular? 


Leaders and organizations should define clear behaviors to live EQUITY and be measured by them. DEI-specific behaviors should be an important percentage of performance. 


What is one positive change you've seen since the pandemic that we should keep? 


Seek for growth outside our comfort zone. Reinvent ourselves. 


Amanda Marksmeier, Growth Content Driver & Ambassador of Buzz, DH Global


What advice would you give to this generation of female leaders?


Never forget who you are and what you've accomplished and overcome. Always know your worth and never accept anything less. 


What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?


Be kind to yourself. Be patient and show yourself compassion. Speak more gently to yourself, and remember everything will work out how it should. You will always end up where you are meant to be. 


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