From 30% Turnover to ZERO, Canpa's ROI of Culture [FREE CASE STUDY]

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Delivering Happiness Client Case Study Canpa

If your organization’s pain points include employee engagement, retention, low profitability, and low performance, then a change in organizational culture might be able to solve these issues on an integrated level. A client of ours, Canpa, was facing issues just like yours [note: most of our clients are going through the same thing]!


With experience and actionable strategies from our DH Masterclass, Canpa was able to transform their culture in a sustainable and profitable way



An overview of our case study:

In 2015, Canpa was facing challenges from declining profitability, a 30% employee turnover rate, and low company morale. Canpa had been a family-owned business and in Turkey’s construction materials industry for at least 30 years. Their leadership needed to correct the direction of the company, or else their longtime employees would be laid off, offices closed, and departments eliminated.


How could this once very successful family business remain crippled by slow and low growthThe root cause was in their company culture. 



Taking the next steps with our Masterclass:  


If at the time you asked an employee if they felt motivated or genuinely enjoyed their work at Canpa, there was a large chance they would say “no.” Even Canpa’s Vice President, Murat Ozcan, didn’t enjoy coming to work [and it was his family’s business]! In doing some research on how to turn things around for Canpa, he came across Delivering Happiness [the book]. Based on his reading on our beginnings with Zappos, he decided to see how our happiness model could change things for Canpa.


Delivering Happiness Culture Model Pyramid What could our frameworks and the science of happiness do for an already struggling company?


Especially if it was in a country undergoing civil turmoil?


After learning about our how our Masterclass could set Canpa on the right path for a profitable company culture, Murat decided to go forward with it.

Our Masterclass brought Murat through learning sessions on defining Canpa’s core values, their purpose, and developing the roadmap needed to create and implement their ideal company culture. Soon after returning to Turkey, Murat moved forward with the next steps in Canpa’s culture transformation.


In 2018, Canpa was awarded first place in Turkey’s “Great Place to Work” assessment, sharing the ranks with larger companies like eBay, Vodafone, and 3M.


Canpa continues to grow in both profits and size, but more importantly, they live their core values and purpose every day through their employees and culture.



To learn more about how Canpa's culture transformation,
read our case study: 

Download the Canpa Case Study



About the Author

Briana Krueger

Bri is the Impact Storyteller on the Delivering Happiness team. Working previously as a freelancer, her goal has always been to work with passionate people who are focused on helping individuals and businesses find their purpose. As part of DH, she now gets to accomplish that every day. Bri resides in Arizona and is lucky enough to enjoy the sun all year round.


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