Happiness Now | How We Celebrated International Happiness Day + Where We're Headed! 

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Delivering Happiness Jenn Lim International Happiness Day Newsletter

Since our last Happiness Now publication, we've celebrated International Happiness Day in a few different ways. We’ve met with some business leaders in the Netherlands, in Ohio, and connected with our followers on social media to hear about what makes them happy.

Check out what we've shared, where we've been, and where we're going [San Antonio, Dubai, and Mumbai - we're looking at you]!


Sharing Your [and our] #HappinessHabits:


If you’ve been following us on social media, you might notice that we gladly celebrated and shared #happinesshabits on International Happiness Day (March 20th, 2018). We wanted to know what things you did to create some happiness in your life – big or small!


Looking at the happy photos on my phone at least once a day, reliving those moments is a way of  re-experiencing a happy time and feeling grateful for it. – Jenn Lim, DH


I celebrate life as a ‘surprise party,’ on Wednesday I ramp up the surprise by celebrating and inviting people to join me making Wednesdays Wacky - anywhere and everywhere I go. – Denise T.

Laura Putnam Motion Infusion Quote Happiness Day


Every morning I walk down to the water with a cup of coffee and sit on the pier looking out as the morning sun comes out. – Laura Putnam, Motion Infusion


Waking up early for work can make me crabby at times; so what I do is pretend I'm going out on a hike or horseback ride. The circumstance doesn't truly matter, it's all about the mindset!

– Angie D.


One of the #happinesshabits I practice: meditating 10 minutes a day helps me focus on the things that really matter on a personal and professional level. – Carlos Piera, DH Spain


Molly Fletcher Game Changers Quote Happiness Day


De-clutter... de-clutter. I feel space is always healthy whether it’s your kids’ closets, desk, office, or – even your mind.

– Molly Fletcher, Game Changers Podcast


I turn on music & dance! (at home). While at work I try to walk with a bounce in my step, and a song in my voice. :)

– Wendy R. 


As a team, we encourage self-development and self-care for each other and appreciate honest communication always with a “yes-and” mentality! – the fun dept. team



What's coming up for DH:


  • Hopping over to San Antonio - Speaking at SilkRoad

Have you heard of SilkRoad Connections? This conference brings together HR professionals with a focus on acquisition, retention, and the employee experience. On April 30th, CEO Jenn Lim will be delivering a keynote at SilkRoad Connections on how to build a strong company cultures based on a fundamental DH formula:

Delivering Happiness Employee Customer Formula

Join us in San Antonio for the opportunity to network with your peers, see what other organizations are doing, and meet with experts in the field. For more info, click here


  • In Dubai + Mumbai - New Bootcamp Dates with Happiitude

After the success of our Workplace Happiness Bootcamp in Mumbai, we've decided to host a few more with Happiitude! Read about the experience of one our previous attendees: 

Delivering Happiness Bootcamp Mumbai Happiitude Workplace Culture

Before attending the workshop, I was struggling to figure out how we can connect employees across geographies from different cultures to [a] new organization culture. The insight about aligning organization values with [personal] values was the answer to it. Now, we’re reflecting and rethinking the entire project to align organization core values throughout.”

-Arun G. 


Dates and links



Some highlights from our week: 

  • Our Culture Pulse Assessment just came out! Take less than 10 minutes to find out where your company culture stands [and what you can do to improve it]. 
  • Jenn was in the Netherlands for  Happy People Better Business - see what it's like to be surrounded by happiness-inspired business leaders:


  • In the same week, Jenn went to Ohio to speak with folks at NOHRC 2018. We even received an amazing graphic recording from her keynote on employee happiness and engagement - thank you Johnine from See Your Words!

Graphic Recording Jenn Lim Keynote Visual Delivering Happiness




Do you have an engagement coming up where you'd like us to speak at or host a workshop? Let us know and we can bring the DH happiness model to you:  







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