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With two months into the new year, how has your organization moved towards a more productive, happier workplace culture? Maybe you've incorporated some learnings from Jenn's recent ebook to boost productivity for your teams or carried inspiration from one of our keynotes back to your company. February was a short month, but that didn't stop us from delivering happiness through our masterclasses and keynotes. See who we've worked with [and where we're going]:


Some of our inspiring keynotes...


Capital One


What can make an All Hands meeting more inspiring? Add our CEO Jenn Lim into the mix and your leadership is sure to come away with actionable ideas and motivation to create more productive and happier teams. Stacked with senior leadership and directors, the audience discovered how to start connecting the Science of Happiness to their day-to-day responsibilities and workplace. 


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Lakefield Veterinary Group


Not only did they listen to an inspiring talk on customer experience and happiness, but event attendees also participated in an interactive breakout session and a fireside chat with our very own Culture Chief Sunny Grosso


lakefield veterinary group meeting phoenix az delivering happiness


IBM PartnerWorld


Speaking at their Think-In Sessions, Jenn brought employee and customer happiness to life for IBM's business partners. As a gathering to spark energy and innovation within their network of partners, these sessions helped to generate meaningful relationships that will carry IBM's products and services into the lives of their customers. 



Masterclasses and Coachsulting projects at... 


Lexis Nexis 


The team at Lexis Nexis revisited their company culture in an exciting, energy-packed DH Masterclass. The room was filled with engaging discussions on how to build a culture of happiness that could extend from the ME [individual] to the WE [team] and then to the community. On the organization level, their culture teams focused on how to live and embrace core values from the top-down. 


Lexis Nexis delivering happiness Masterclass company culture


Sallie Mae


A transformative work culture starts at the individual level, and we've been working with an amazing group of them over at Sallie Mae! In further developing their company's core values, the team as been able to connect their business strategy closer to their ideal, happier culture. Take a peek at our coachsultants Ron, Kelsey, and Shereen doing some of their best work out in Delaware!




Century 21 Department Stores


We're almost through to the end of our DH customized Masterclass series with Century 21 [C21]! From our first workshops with them on core values and purpose, the C21 senior leadership team has fully embraced to run with the next steps to fortify a sustainable, engaging company culture. By aligning their personal purpose with that of the organization [Delivering Value to Live Better], they're hoping to set a stronger culture foundation for the rest of their employees. 


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What else is coming up?


Baystate Health


At the All Managers meeting, DH co-founder Jenn will be delivering a keynote and hosting breakout sessions on Baystate Health's mission and values. To tap into the core of their culture, the attending managers will have the opportunity to discover how their own personal values and purpose can align with organization's. Not only will it be inspiring, but the sessions will also be experiential, meaningful, and fun! 


BI Group


As a major real estate developing company in Kazakhstan, BI Group is ready to create a more engaging and profitable company culture. Being inspired from our culture journey with Canpa [read the case study], this organization is looking to develop a culture that can sustain itself and adapt for the long haul. By delivering a keynote and custom Masterclass, we're looking to grant inspiration and an actionable culture strategy for their leadership and employees. 



California Franchise Tax Board


You can catch Sunny at this upcoming symposium speaking on how to apply the Science of Happiness to the workplace on an intrinsically human level. After her keynote, there will also be a Q&A session where she will be able to answer questions on culture, employee engagement, and more! We can't wait to see how the audience brings these takeaways back to their teams and workplace. 




Jenn is keynote speaker at AMGA's Annual Conference 2019 [#AC19]. Ready to connect healthcare and happiness together for a better staff and patient experience, attendees have a lot to look forward to Jenn's talk on workplace culture. We're looking forward to speaking with leaders in healthcare from organizations like Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger, and more!




Want to find out what culture solutions might work best for your organization? We're happy to guide you along the way:




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