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Hello, world! So much news this week and so much to celebrate! 

Right now, we are obsessed with the topic of teams: the whos, whats, and whys. 

Luckily there's an abundance of studies and stories for us to dive into - here are the best selections for us this week!

Most excitingly, we have TWO collaborations with some of these high-impact teams right around the corner: one is a webcast with Whil, the leader in digital wellbeing training, and the other, an in-person training with Happiitude, India's culture champs!

Here's the rundown of our recommendations this week!

  • READ: Who is better to critique functional and competitive teams other than a world-renowned Wall Street Journal sports editor? Hint, it's Sam Walker! Sam wrote The Captain Class, which dove into the secret behind the most succesful units in sports. His findings are powerful and jawdropping... 
  • LISTEN: In 1984, General Motors (GM) and Toyota opened NUMMI factory as a joint venture. Through this partnership, Toyota shared its technologies on how it was able to manufacture more vehicles at a lower cost. Not only did this prove to save a later troubled GM, but the podcast examines just why it took so long for GM to take Toyota's advice. Listen to this episode on This American Life
  • WATCH: This is *almost* too good to be true. On Wednesday 12/6, our CEO Jenn Lim will sit down with Whil Concepts' CEO, Joe Burton (former President of Headspace), to talk about the Science of Happiness and how we apply it as a busines model.  They'll discuss the science behind happy workplaces and employees, and their experiences with building the cultures at Zappos and Headspace based on passion + profits + purpose. Sign up for the live webcast! Can't make it? We'll send you a recording ;]
  • ATTEND: Do you happen to live in Mumbai or have colleagues there? Well good news! We are collaborating with our friends over at Happiitude to curate a 3-day workplace happiness bootcamp from December 14-16. Come learn from the best in happiness-backed consulting as DH coachsultants Sunny Grosso and Veronica Fernandez Mesias walk you through an interactive workshop made to design your unique culture roadmap. Learn more here! 


Ready to champion the change at your company? Discover more on how Delivering Happiness applies the Science of Happiness to organizational culture: 





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