How to Create Effective Customer Service Videos for Your Business

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Video content is the salt that adds flavor to any marketing campaign. Its incredible power to engage makes the visual medium the go-to tool for all businesses at any sales funnel stage. However, perhaps, video content is most needed at the final stage of the customer's journey. 


In business, a sale isn't the end of the journey. It's the beginning of a new relationship between the customer and the brand. There are many reasons why you should use video content for customer service. But these two should be enough to convince you.

  • After-sale customer service has the potential to convert existing customers into your brand ambassadors.
  •  Retaining customers is more profitable than acquiring new customers. According to a study, improving customer retention by 5% can boost profits by as much as 95%.  

Although these points are like music to your ears, achieving results is challenging. That's where video content steps in.


Benefits of Customer Service Videos


We have seen a steady rise in businesses using videos to share information with prospective customers. This extends even after the sale is complete. Most SaaS and service businesses have used videos to engage their customers. Videos have a better reach than text content.


Rather than using a how-to text guide that's several pages long, businesses can use a short video. Many companies are now focusing on animated video production to simplify complex topics. 


Other benefits of using customer service videos include:  


Improves Information Retention


Information gathered through the visual and audio medium is easier to memorize and recall than text. According to a study, consumers reported remembering 95% of the information they saw instead of 10% of the content they read.

Want to create a product/service guide that the customers would remember? Create engaging customer service videos.


Delight & Exceed Expectations


Going above and beyond to satisfy the customers will delight them. This customer-centric approach will increase the credibility and trustworthiness of the brand. Bear in mind the more questions a customer has after a sale, the less likely they will buy from the brand again.


Customer service videos can explain any topic with absolute clarity, thereby satisfying the customers. Lesser queries will save time for the brand and the customer.


Adds Personal Touch to Service Inquiries


After the sales, one method to delight the customer is to use personalized service videos. In addition, using videos would increase the customer's interaction with the brand.


We agree that in most cases, even with videos, communication is one way, from the brand to the customer. Having a person or narrator communicate with the customer adds a personal touch to the customer service experience.

Customer service videos are better than FAQ pages or product/service user manuals.


How to Create Customer Service Videos

It's much harder to create customer service videos than product videos.

At this stage, the audience is acquainted with the product. Now, they are interested in its installation or working.


It isn't enough for the videos to be good. The content needs to be perfect. It should educate the audience and look and sound great to engage them.


How to create high-quality customer service videos? The following ingredients will infuse life into your customer service content.  


Know the Topics Customers Ask About Frequently


One of the top rules of brand strategy and marketing – the customer knows best. Develop videos for topics that the customers are keen on and would respond positively.


The comment section, FAQ page, and social media platforms are just places to look for potential topics that would interest the customers. Based on the daily questions, create a set of customer service videos to respond to the common inquiry questions.


Write the Script


A simple and easy script will have more takers regardless of the product or service industry. In the case of customer service videos, follow these two fundamental principles:


1. Use the Q&A format and keep the flow of information sequential.

2. Unless necessary, it's equally important to strip the script of all jargon and buzzwords.


In most scenarios that use customer service videos, the customers expect a series of instructions. The audience will have a tough time following those instructions if, at every turn, they encounter jargon or a complex word that requires a dictionary to understand. 


Choose a Good Video Tool


Video content is here to stay. Plus, you'll need plenty of short videos for different situations. Creating customer service videos need not be tricky, especially with a video editing tool. You'll find the options are aplenty. 


Do not start with premium tools such as Premiere Pro and AfterEffects. You won't need the tools and functions these video programs provide at this stage. Start with simpler alternatives, and work your way up. Some video software or online video tools allow users to upload their content directly to YouTube or YouTube alternatives.


Edit the Customer Service Video


When we talk of the video's authenticity, we do not mean raw footage with no editing. Editing is an integral part of customer service videos. Editing helps create clear and concise videos that hold the audience's attention. It's also the phase where graphics, text annotations, audio/background audio, and subtitles are added to the video.


You can insert brand identity elements such as logo, tag line, etc. If these customer service videos are intended to encourage action from the customers, then include one or more Call-to-Action [CTA].


Ensure the Video Is Visible to Your Audience


We have all heard the saying about the tree in the forest. Similarly, creating customer service videos is pointless if you don't serve them to your customers.

Do not leave it to chance; take the video content to your customers or guide them to the videos.


Businesses can send customer service videos to buyers using email marketing software. Video email marketing is also one of the best methods to introduce new offerings to existing customers.


Final Thoughts


In business, the end of one journey must become the starting point of another. The use of videos is one way to elevate the customer journey and ensure they come back again and again.


Continue elevating the customer experience by creating WOW moments that will keep your customers coming back again & again. 


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