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How You’ve Been Creating Happiness Everyday (And Probably Don’t Realize It)

One of the most important elements of everyday happiness is having a feeling of PROGRESS. So what does a ‘sense of progress’ mean when it comes to...

4 Books To Make This Your Most Productive Year Yet

If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to the rest of the year and hoping to make it a great one. So how can you shape this year into something ...

4 Ways You Can Live a More Intentional Year

Every new year begins the same for a lot of people: the creation of new goals attempts to start new habits, and some early successes. By day 30 maybe...

Your Employees Feel Stuck and Unmotivated, How Creating a Sense of Progress Can Reverse it

In Delivering Happiness the book, Tony Hsieh recalls an experiment at Zappos where he tested out the idea of creating progress. He details that when...

Why are Millennials Leaving Their New Jobs? The Reasons Might Surprise You

I was at a barbeque recently when a few people [higher-level management, in their 40s] were talking about Millennials in the workplace [cue the sighs...

Forget Feedback, Learn the Art of Feedforward

Do you truly enjoy receiving constructive criticism? Not really?

Sounds about right.

But why, then, is feedback important for your company culture


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