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Passion vs. Profits: Can You Have Both?

Some people would rather make less money or have less job security while doing something that ignites their passion. Others value working in a job...

How to Encourage Employees to Fuel Their Purpose & Passion

What are you eating for breakfast these days? A cup of mundane, with a splash of complacency? Or maybe a side of burned-out toast? What if there...

Positive Emotions in the Workplace

Be positive. Look on the bright side. Something good will come from this. Find the silver lining. We have all heard and said these cliché...

How to Strengthen Your Business' Core: The Culture Muscle


Strong and fit is the new sexy.  In much the same way for business, culture is the new sexy. As the Merriam-Webster word of the year in 2014,...

How to Find Your Zone of Genius When in Crisis of Purpose

I was working with a client recently, and she was lamenting how she has been working too hard. She enjoys her job but is craving balance with her...

6,000 Miles in the Pursuit of Happiness

In January of this year, I made a life-changing decision. After 6 years spent living in the U.S., I realised that that chapter had come to a...

Align your Most Valuable Contribution to What You ACTUALLY Do Best

by Laura Garnett

A Path To Happiness: Pursuing Your Passion (And Keeping Perspective)


I recently worked myself into a tizzy waiting in line at the Farmer’s Market because the dude in front of me was talking shop with the meat...


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