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The Effects of Praise & Recognition on Employee Happiness

Employees' overall morale and happiness make a major difference in any company. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees' satisfaction...

3 Ways Leaders Can Make Their Team Feel Appreciated & Valued

Mary Kay Ash says, "Whenever I meet someone, I try to imagine him wearing an invisible sign that says, 'MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT!' I respond to this...

How to Use Empowerment to Motivate Your Employees

What is your company's most valuable asset? 

  • Is it the equipment?
  • The real estate?
  • The data?
  • How about the Intellectual Property?

While all of...

How To Be Happy, When Your Emotions Swing Back and Forth [Part 3]

In part 1, we explained that positive emotions are not permanent and the emotional pendulum swings back and forth. In part 2, we explained that by...

Your Employees Feel Stuck and Unmotivated, How Creating a Sense of Progress Can Reverse it

In Delivering Happiness the book, Tony Hsieh recalls an experiment at Zappos where he tested out the idea of creating progress. He details that when...

Forget Feedback, Learn the Art of Feedforward

Do you truly enjoy receiving constructive criticism? Not really?

Sounds about right.

But why, then, is feedback important for your company culture

5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs [infographic]

Effective leadership has a lot to do with how open you are to change and lifelong learning. The core competencies of a great leader aren't built in,...

The Motivation Trifecta: Autonomy, Mastery, & Purpose

Money isn't the most powerful or effective motivator. Back in the 1970s, psychologist Edward Deci ran an experiment showing how incentivizing...

Helping Others Leads to Success?

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