Sunny Grosso

Sunny’s mission is to inspire others to live BIG by being true to themselves and following their purpose. She is passionate about realizing this through positive work cultures. Through her diverse journey Sunny has been a wellness researcher, saké trainer, ultra-runner, one of the world’s first happiness coaches and, finally, a global culture consultant.
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How to Engage Generation Next? Higher Purpose and Culture Design.

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To Solve a Problem, First Find its Source

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3 Things to Consider Before Implementing Self-Management

"Holacracy is hot. Whether it’s a fascination, a spectacle, or, in some cases, a dirty word, the idea that organizations can be self-managed,[...]

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Create a Culture by Design VS. Culture by Default

Read a bit of #cultureinspiration from DH Coachsultant, Sunny Grosso on how to deliver happiness at your live event or in your organization. Her[...]

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How to Spark Your Culture Vision

A strong vision is essential for any team's success. Culture is no different.

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