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Longer Lasting Happiness Associated with Purpose

Image Credit: Babucke

3 Quick Things for Bouncing Back

Image Credit: Eric Pouhier

10 Positive Emotions

You might not believe paying attention to emotions has much to do with work. Still, some research studies have shown negative work cultures can...

Happiest Workers in Britain are Teachers

Summary: Teaching can be a happy profession because it generally is about helping others and is socially well-connected.

The Happiest People Focus on Difficult Challenges

Image Credit: Victorgrigas

Happiness Increased by Having Lunch Outside the Office

Image Credit: Shinjiro, Wiki Commons

A Company that Fires No One

Image Credit: Say Cheese/Public Domain

More Happiness Linked to Working and Commuting Less

Image Credit: Diego Grez, Wiki Commons

Helping Others Leads to Success?

Image Credit: Ed Yourdon, Wiki Commons


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