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Me At My Best - What Workplace Wellness Should Really Be About

“What is you at your best?” This is a question I often use to kick off any keynote or workshop. And, quite simply, this is what workplace wellness...

3 Common Ways You Might Be Killing Your Employees’ Productivity

Whatever your work goals are whether they involve more team collaboration, more sales, or higher profits, increasing productivity plays a role in...

3 Ways to Bring More Innovation Into Your Business

In our fast-moving world, it seems like companies have no choice but to be innovative. Everyone is searching for a way to stand out amongst the...

The Easiest, No-Cost Activity Used to Build Team Connectedness

To create workplace happiness, one of the elements or levers we implement is connectedness. Having connectedness means that there is a ...

3 Ideas to Foster More Ownership on Your Teams

Leading a team can cause burnout if the manager is the only one who makes decisions. Sometimes groups become too dependent on their leader,...

Are you Creative? Do you Love Numbers? Take a Break That Fits You

We’re not sure if you agree, but it’s safe to say that humans were not meant to efficiently work for 8-hours straight or even 4-hours straight [if...

The Tools Every Remote Team Should Think About Using

When I tell my friends and family that our whole team is remote, they usually have similar questions:

  •             How do you keep in contact with...

5 Things People Don't Mention About Working From Home

If you're about to work from home or have employees who are going remote, there are some obvious benefits to it:

  • No stressful commute
  • More...

5 Ways to Bring Happiness [and Fun!] to Your Office Meetings


There are about 25 million meetings per day in the U.S., and only a handful are productive or engaging.   


If our schedules are regularly...


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