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National Business Capital Credits Strong Culture for Big Win

American workers are quitting their jobs at alarmingly high rates. The Department of Labor reported that 4.3 million workers quit in August 2021 and...

A Peek at Where We Delivered Happiness| Q2

The past 15 months have been a wild, chaotic ride filled with uncertainty but sprinkled with a few bright spots. We have become more connected even...

A Peek at Where We [Virtually] Delivered Happiness| Sept 2020

It is no doubt 2020 has brought challenges, changes, and chaos. Many organizations have been forced to adapt workplace environments, exchange...

DH Named One of Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2020

Break out the bubbly; it is time to celebrate. DH is honored to be named an Inc. 5000 company. 2020 has been a challenging year for businesses and...

Q&A: Noemi Zozaya, Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Wow Officer at DH México

Back in 2012, Noemi Zozaya started her journey with Delivering Happiness by working on activities with the Spain team. Today, she is Co-Founder, CEO...

Delivering Happiness is Certified as a Great Place To Work®

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Delivering Happiness has been recognized as a Great Place To Work®-certified company.

As GPTW puts...

A Peek at coach|sulting®

2020 is off to a great start! We are helping companies like BI-Group and Sallie Mae on their path to culture transformation. Plus, we have...

What Kind of Legacy Are You Leaving as a Leader?

The true mark of legacy is when the values and ideals of one person are so interwoven into a business and its practices, that it becomes the very...

3 Actions To Improve Culture in 2020

“Change your culture, improve morale, make your employees happier!”

... sounds like a bunch rainbows and butterflies you don’t have time for, right?


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